The Elms Crown Carvery, Aldridge


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This is The Elms renamed, refurbished, and a Crown Carvery. It’s still a pub: the bar area is fairly seperate (and still has the annoying people standing at it so you can’t get a drink), but three quarters of the pub is a carvery restaurant. You get what you’d expect: a large, slightly canteen like bit at the back, but a few quiet corners. Plenty of families and pensioners.

For what it is, it’s not too bad. The food’s OK, the beer drinkable but not fantastic, and the prices are amazingly low. Stunningly low. Just don’t go expecting haute cuisine, fantastic beer, or loads of atmosphere. The staff were pleasant enough, and overall not a bad experience. Basically, it’s a damn sight better than the last time I visited, though being worse would be hard.

2 thoughts on “The Elms Crown Carvery, Aldridge”

  1. My wife has just returned from her annual christmas meal at your establish in one of the worst tempers I have seen her in for many a long time.The party which consisted of eleven people had booked and paid a deposit over a month ago .Upon receiving our starters the soup was cold,the prawn cocktail consisted 1 lettuce leaf and 9 prawns,after finishing starters at the carvery we were informed that there was insufficient turkey to cater for our party,on questioning the chef they were told that there had been a rush on at lunch time,which only left them the scraps of turkey,when it came to putting gravy on they were told that there was only beef and onion left which again was cold and worst of all as my wife is allergic to onions she had to eat what scraps were on her plate dry,overall the whole party were in agreement that the complete meal was cold very unsatisfactory(DISGUSTING).
    Service was just as bad with no communication as to how the meal was going,upon the matters being brought to the attention of the staff they were told that they could not have a reduction in the cost of the meal but could each have a free drink.further more they were not happy that they had to listen to the bar and waitresses shouting across the room to each other,needless to say it was a very disappointing experience for all of them, everyone was in egreement that they will not be returning or recommending your establishment to anyone else,itcomes to something when my wife who works in a school kitchen said that the quality of christmas meal served up for the children was of much better standard than what she received tonight.
    Now speeking as her husband I think I can speak for all who attended the meal that some kind of retribution/compensation should be offered to all concerned as a matter of concern over the way the whole thing was mismanaged as a gesture of goodwill on your part,I would hate to have to take the matter to a higher level or even go public.
    I look forward to your response in the very near future.
    A concerned husband.

  2. I’ve emailed the commenter above, as follows:


    You really need to know that this comment won’t reach the managment. PubBlog is my personal website detailing the pubs I visit, and nothing to do with the pubs themselves.

    You’ll find contact details for Crown Carveries, and a satisfaction survey, at which might be worth a go. Sounds like a pretty bad meal, sorry to hear that. It’s not a place I’m keen on, myself, but it was OK when I visited.

    I’ll keep your comment o the site, or delete it, whichever you prefer.

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