This is a secondary blog of mine. I seem to visit a lot of pubs, and one of our stated objectives when out and about by bus or on foot is to visit a new pub (or maybe several) each time.

So here it is. Starting now, I’m planning to log each pub we visit at least once. It works like this- on the first visit to each pub after the start of this blog, the pub gets blogged in here. A re-visit may get entered as an edit if there’s anything new to say.

A visit has to include at least one drink, alcoholic or not, so if a pub is that dreadful I walk out, it doesn’t get a mention. Most visits will be in the company of my dear better half, but visits in the company of others or alone count: it just has to be one of us that visits.

Times and dates are approximately correct- so the order of the blog is the order of the visits.

Restaurants and Bars don’t count, unless they feel like a pub, so for example, The Boat doesn’t make it, as it claims to be a pub, but is much more of a restaurant. Hotels don’t count unless they feel like a pub too. It’s a loose definition, but my site, my rules.

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