The Swan Inn


Old pub, but evidently refurbed over the years. Lounge wood panelled, and felt like a between-the-wars refurb, but it’s evidently been tidied up in recent years, but not ruined. There’s still lots of little corners rather than a cavernous space. Music at decent volume, good beer, friendly staff, and a pleasant place to sit for a few hours.

The King’s Head


We’ve been here before- many times, but it’s never got blogged before. It’s right by the Great Orme Tramway station, and supposedly LLandudno’s oldest pub, dating from before the town was a resort. Traditional inside, a real fire, great food, and OK beer (beer was in good condition, but was Greene King). Pop quiz on Tuesdays (we came last…). Another pub in LLandudno that gets very crowded at busy times.

Ocean’s Bar

LLandudno Pier:

I love pier bars. Hell, I love piers, and I like drinking, so it’s a good combination, and as they go (often fairly terrible, to be fair), this isn’t bad, in a smallish pavillion at the end of the pier. No ale, but bearable lager. No toilets either- or at least, they’re a short walk across the boards, which is a bit cold in November. Great views over the sea and the Orme, and it was handy to await the firework display.

The Yacht

Pensarn, near Abergele:

A lunchtime stop, picked for the big adjacent car park, A55 proximity, and good reviews.

Two rooms- a bar with locals and a lounge with tourists having lunch. Very pleasant staff, and not a bad place to stop. Guinness and wine went down without complaint from my companions; no ale, but I was driving anyway. Decent food at a good price.

Edmunds Bar & Brewhouse

Birmingham City Centre:

We dropped in here on the way from Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum. Pleasant enough; limited cask but some good keg craft-ish beer, and as we were there before work-kicking-out time, only a few students present (all paying individually, with debit cards or Apple pay). The barman was in good humour despite this, beer and wine fine, not too bad a place to sit, but it rapidly gets busy post work and evening, with it’s location, though it was positively empty compared to the OCs.


Birmingham City Centre:

“Utopia the Country Bar in the City”

I wasn’t seeing what was “country bar” about this at all, and it was a bit questionable about “pub”, but it scraped in.

It was quite nice, to be honest. We dropped in here in desperation as we needed lunch and had mistimed our arrival in the city with everyone else’s lunchtime, and here had space. As it was, the staff were great, be beer OK, and the wine good, and our lunch was very good and surprisingly cheap for the “business district”, and while it wasn’t remotely country, it was comfortable enough.

In Ur Pubz, Drinkin Ur Beerz