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The Fleece Bar & Kitchen


First impressions had this feeling odd: we walked past the side entrance (for the bar), and had to walk back through the restaurant, and then the bar felt a bit…vibrant.

A second visit was better (or was it just us in a better mood?). The bar feels like a traditional Scottish pub, and while there was no cask ale, there was decent craft keg. Staff were pleasant too.

The restaurant is seperated by a corridor, so the two functions don’t interfere, which is good for both. The food in the restaurant, by the way, was excellent.

The Kings Arms Hotel


A hotel, but as I’ve remarked before, the lines blur north of the border, and the bar felt pubby. It also felt *expensive* at 8 quid for a 175ml wine and a pint of lime and soda (I was driving…). The cackling women didn’t help the ambience, either, but I think we caught it at a bad time. Several cask ales. Food was a bit…tapas (shudder). Staff friendly enough, just can’t get over that 8 quid…