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The Ship Inn

Broughty Ferry:

Popular (too popular!) pub, and semi-seperate restaurant. We’d tried to get in on Saturday, and didn’t even get through the door.

We were a bit luckier on Sunday, there was space and a couple of seats. Sadly, those seats were next to a gobshite and her friend who seemed to think playing music on a mobile phone was appropriate, so we didn’t stay to eat. The pub itself is fine- good beer and wine, decent-looking pub food, decent staff, though, and a great location.

The Occidental Bar

Broughty Ferry, Dundee:

Our local for a week, being the nearest pub to our holiday cottage. An ordinary Scottish community pub away from the main tourist drag at the waterfront. When we walked in early on a Saturday evening it was rammed in the bar, busy in the lounge, but we found seats, a short distance from a group of lads from a football team, one with a remarkable Dwayne Dibley haircut that presumably is fashionable now, like I’d know.

Anyway, the pub. busy, pleasant enough, no food, no cask (so Heverlee it was). Much quieter on Tuesday evening, handy for the bus service. The name just kept reminding me of Piper Alpha, though.