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The Bottle and Glass

Black Country Living Museum, Dudley:

Originally from Brierly Hill Rd, Brockmore, backing on to the canal, this pub was taken and rebuilt at the museum where it continues to not serve lager “it’s not been invented yet” :-). It’s a nice place, a genuine timewarp (though you can get timewarp without paying for admission), and the beer, cider, and cobs were all fine, and the staff pleasant. No real glasses outside, sadly, but otherwise no complaints. Staff pleasant, prices OK for captive audience, decent outside space on a gorgeous hot day.

The Cairnbaan Hotel


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Again, it’s a hotel, but the bar area feels sufficiently pub-like. Great staff, decent beer (2 real ales), and good food- a step above average pub food. Not cheap, but not rip-off, and you have to remember overheads here are greater. Right alongside the Crinnan Canal; there’s some outside seating, and a separate restaurant if you want quieter dining. We ate here three times, and drank a couple of times on top of that, as we were staying nearby.

The Bothy

Fort Augustus:

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Very close to The Lock Inn, this is an odd one. The name and appearance outside lead you to expect very traditional features, but nothing inside fits: modern chairs/tables, a fruit machine, a TV. There’s a large conservatory used as a restaurant.

There’s 2 real ales, except when a cross-Scotland cycle/kyak/run drinks the place the dry :-(, and food and a real fire. It’s not bad at all, but it’s a bit pricey (expected) and the food wasn’t as good as up the road, even if the beer choice was *slightly* better, plus something didn’t quite gel about it.

The Globe Inn

Pleck, Walsall:

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One of those we’ve driven past countless times. It looks a little shabby, but this is the Pleck, after all. As it its, it’s not bad: No food, no real ale, but there was Stella in a frosted glass on a warm day and a friendly landlord. We sat outside, with the scenic Darlaston Rd. That makes it sound bad, but on a sunny day it wasn’t unpleasant. The pub looks like a proper, old, local and is I’d drink there again. The canal is nearby, but access probably isn’t good.

The Pen & Parchment


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A pleasant-looking pub just on the edge of town: There’s real ale, food, and very friendly staff. The food was OK, the beer excellent, and the prices more than reasonable considering where it is. It’s part of the Old English Inns chain, as is The Dirty Duck, and it’s pretty obvious, though thankfully they haven’t left it devoid of character.