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Winston’s Bar & Restaurant


Odd place this: outside looks like it might be slightly posh, inside it’s an odd-feeling place: first impressions are of an ordinary food-biased pub, after a while, it started to feel like a hotel bar in a hotel with coach parties, but that may have been the clientele- we were the youngest non-staff, despite being soundly middle-aged. Beer was fine though, staff were pleasant, the food looked good, and while there was karaoke on, you could still hold a conversation.

PJ’s Social Club Bar


Right on the seafront, and a striking building, this was a disappointment for us, but it seemed popular with the locals. The sign outside states “Bar and Restaurant”, but google has it as a social club, and that’s what it felt like to us, full of locals, with a raffle draw going on, noisily, and the decor was like that. The locals were friend;y enough, and the beer was fine, though.

The Malt House


Near to the Eyre Court, this was quite slick, modern food pub looking outside, and inside there was a a bit of Victoriana, and bit of old traditional pub, and a bit of modern food pub that didn’t quite sit right, but the staff were great, the beer was great too, and the food was decent and reasonably priced, so it seems churlish to complain about what was, realistically, a very nice pub.

The Ferry Tap

South Queensferry:

Almost in the shadow of both the road and rail Firth of Forth crossings, South Queensferry is a peasant little place. Sadly, we were in the car, but found parking nearby and stopped for lunch. Food was a bit mixed; my burger was fine, but stymistress’s baguette was a bit below par. Real ale on offer, but not tried (due to presence of car), and a large slection of whisky. Pleasant, helpful staff, and nice, traditional interior only marred by the large TV (thankfully muted).

The Oxford Bar


This was a real surprise: it was on our list because of its literary connections (being the favourite bar of Ian Rankin and his well known character Inspector John Rebus).

It’s lovely. Positively lovely. It’s a bit of a timewarp, still subdivided up, and the back room we were in had a real fire. No food, no music, no TV, just a quiet, relaxing bar with some superb ale and a lovely quiet bolthole from the city. The staff and locals have a reputation for surliness, but we found them friendly- and we were very obviously tourists.