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The Ferry Tap

South Queensferry:

Almost in the shadow of both the road and rail Firth of Forth crossings, South Queensferry is a peasant little place. Sadly, we were in the car, but found parking nearby and stopped for lunch. Food was a bit mixed; my burger was fine, but stymistress’s baguette was a bit below par. Real ale on offer, but not tried (due to presence of car), and a large slection of whisky. Pleasant, helpful staff, and nice, traditional interior only marred by the large TV (thankfully muted).

The Oxford Bar


This was a real surprise: it was on our list because of its literary connections (being the favourite bar of Ian Rankin and his well known character Inspector John Rebus).

It’s lovely. Positively lovely. It’s a bit of a timewarp, still subdivided up, and the back room we were in had a real fire. No food, no music, no TV, just a quiet, relaxing bar with some superb ale and a lovely quiet bolthole from the city. The staff and locals have a reputation for surliness, but we found them friendly- and we were very obviously tourists.

The West Port Hotel


Next door to The Black Bitch Tavern, this is a hotel, but the bar area feels like a pub. It didn’t hit the spot with us, being a modern take on traditional that’s so popular right now; all green paint, stripped wood and blackboards. Staff were fine, as was the beer, but it just didn’t hit home- this wasn’t helped by the noisy kids shouting at one table (from the same family that left their scared, unhappy dog tied to railings outside).