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Was unsure about including this, as it calls itself a bar/cafe/restaurant, but stood at the bar it felt pubish, more so than some places claiming to be pubs. It’s food-centric, but there was ale, and the outside space is lovely. Staff friendly enough considering the tourist overload.

The Printer’s Elbow


We’d been to a lovely Thai restaurant nearby, and a miscalculation on my part meant that I had to wander out to an off licence, and on the way I passed this place, and it looked OK, so we popped in for a couple.

It’s a ordinary, traditional pub, painted an unconventional bright blue outside, and with stripped floors inside, but that hasn’t made it some up-itself gastropub monstrosity: it’s a community pub with a very pleasant Irish landlord, and some decent local ale. Pool table, pleasant beer garden (well, yard, but it was nice), and friendly locals. It was quite busy for a Monday night, but by no means crowded.

The Castle


We’d had a long (for these days) walk up from the harbour on our way to a Thai restaurant and needed a drink and a sit down, and Google said this was close, so we dropped in. I’m not sure if we caught it at a bad time, but it didn’t hit even my standards. While this review seems over harsh, it was dark inside, seemed to be a professional drinkers pub, and the carvery equipment looked to be unused for some time. There was food though, but it was amusingly non-specific: “sweet and sour” without specifying what might be sweet and sour. No ale- three pumps with the clips reversed, and no drinkable lager either, so bottled Sol it was. The large opening window at the front was nice though, and the barman wasn’t actually hostile… Annoyingly, a much nicer looking boozer was a few yards away.

The Hole in the Wall


Allegedly Torquay’s oldest pub, a claim I’ve got no reason to doubt, this is a cosy, proper pub with the right feel. The floors are cobbled (and listed), there’s low beams for tall people like me to bang their heads on. There’s a large restaurant upstairs, which we didn’t visit- and that probably helps the pub retain it’s pub feel. There’s a small amount of outside space in the little alley the pub sits on, just off Park Lane, very close to the harbour, but handily hidden unless you know it’s there, so the clientele’s a bit better than elsewhere. Great beer, great staff.



Just up the road, DT’s. Described as a sports bar, in fact it was a pretty traditional pub. Again busy on a Saturday night, with a band playing, but we found a quiet corner seat. We also visited later in the week, and the traditional pub atmosphere was stronger still. Decent staff and beer. I have no idea if the pub’s name is derived from the symptoms of withdrawl or just a odd coincidence…

The Bull and Bush


Back in the town, away from the seafront and tourism, but fairly close to our flat for the week, this looked quite traditional, but was a bit family feedbag, but it wasn’t a bad place to stop for a drink: we were tired after the walk up from the far end of the harbour. For some reason, Google Maps has it as a microbrewery, which is patently untrue, but there were several real ales, and what I had was fine. Food menu pretty standard Marstons, staff friendly. It was busy on a Saturday night, and one nearby family provided the “entertainment”.