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The Waterloo Inn

Bangor, North Wales:

We’d set off into town in search of lunch and a few drinks. Either our pub mojo was playing up, we gave up too soon due to hunger, or Bangor’s city centre has no decent pubs (unless you’re after lager, cheap). We’d walked past The Skerries, and the closed White Lion, and dropped in here in the hope of food and a decent drink. Thankfully there was no food. There was no cask ale either, and my Kronenbourg wasn’t pleasant, as wasn’t the pitch-black interior (pubs should be atmospheric, but this was darker than a Goth’s wardrobe), or the sticky tables and floor. We left, and had a sausage roll in the High St, returning to The Boatyard.

The Boatyard Inn

Garth, Bangor, North Wales:

Just around the corner. This was in many ways lovely: the staff were great, the beer great, the food great: but this had just gone a bit too far towards restaurant to be great; in fact, I considered not allowing it into PubBlog, but it redeemed itself the next day with a great beer garden (and the surrounding competition, apart from the Tap & Spile being awful).

The Tap & Spile

Garth, Bangor, North Wales:

Overlooking the pier, and next to our hotel, this was the obvious place for lunch, and we weren’t disappointed: decent beer, great food, and a friendly barman made this the best pub of our trip, and potentially the best in Bangor, given the competition we saw. Traditional pub inside and out, food available but not subtracting from the pub.

The St Fagans Castle Hotel


An afternoon’s break from my work in Cardiff, we’d popped to Penarth to see the pier, then after a quick drink outside the Glandale Hotel (not quite pubby enough for inclusion here), we walked into town, and this was the first pub we passed.

It wasn’t bad. Not plush, but the locals were friendly, and the beer was fine. There was ale, and the wine was OK too.

The Glassworks


Busy Greene King pub in the entertainment area, it’s a kind of posher attempt at ‘spoons, with a typical slightly posher pubfood menu, and a good beer selection (including the wonderful Goose Island IPA as a welcome alternative to GK’s own). Staff friendly, but it was a little soulless, I felt: bright lights, stripped floor, modern furniture, but one colleague loved it.

The Golden Cross


We’d seen this near our hotel, and dropped in. Not that it matters, or we noticed, this is apparently a gay pub. Outside is a lovely listed building, the inside decor is a bit of an 80s disaster, and there was terrible pop at high volumes in one area, which spilled through to the bar. No ale, but decent lager, and the staff were friendly enough and the prices OK..

The Queen Victoria


I’d been here before, but before PubBlog existed.

We’d been on a trip round the Orme. and this was the first pub we came to. It’s a traditional pub, with a restaurant upstairs- but you can eat in the bar too. Wine was fine, but my Pedigree was off- but it was changed without question, so no problem there. Despite it being October in Wales, we sat outside. Staff were friendly, and when we returned later in the week, the food was excellent too- but very popular, so it gets busy.