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Revisit: The Swan

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I’ve always liked the Swan. It’s a traditional community pub in Brownhills, and as I posted here it’s just re-opened. It’s now a free house, so hopefully the new owners will be able to make a decent living and keep the prices realistic.

The new owners have done a cracking job: the interior has been redecorated and looks fresh, but still traditional. There’s cobs (yay!), a good welcome, and a good selection of beer at decent prices, including 2 well-kept cask ales. A very nice pub.

The Slaughtered Lamb The Shoulder of Mutton


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Another old pub of Brownhills once owned by William Roberts. This is a small, one-room, backstreet local’s pub just off the High St, and is an 19th century building- from the back it still seems to have a disused brewhouse. It’s far from plush, which led us to give it the name of The Slaughtered Lamb, but it is very friendly and a proper pub, which leads me to excuse the limited beer choice. It’s the place I choose to drink in the centre, but the only competition right in the middle is Smithy’s Forge, a pretty dreadful family feedbag type place with few redeeming features.

The Swan

Pelsall Road, Brownhills:

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Well, BrownhillsBob will be pleased. One of Brownhills’ pubs has reopened, about 5 weeks ago. It’s a favourite of mine- nothing overly special, but a decent, honest local with friendly locals and a pleasant relief landlord (until the lease is sold). Presumably this means the pubco thinks there’s money to be made here.

It’s a nice building too- traditional Victorian boozer with the original etched glass from the original owner (William Roberts), like the Shoulder of Mutton nearby- and in both cases it’s survived intact, in Brownhills (!).

Fairly decent selection of beer, with one guest (London Pride). All it needs now is for the cobs and bar snacks to return…