VWRC Logo- thanks George

I'm mortified.

Walsall MBC have done really well (!)

As someone said the other day, 'You'll have to find something new to whinge about now, you sad bastard'

Many stages of the VWRC have been resurfaced (OK, some of them are even worse now, with the speed humps) and spookily enough, It happened roughly following the course!

In view of this, VWRC is out of date. However, to encourage people to drive up and down Victoria Road, I'm keeping it here. However, having just paid for suspension work and bent wheels on my car, any damage is your responsibility!

I'm planning some new stages, but only have 2 or 3 so far, so it might be a while coming.

If you have a suggestion for a stage, Mail the Stymaster. If you've got pictures, send them!. Incidentally, if you mailed me about the Darlaston/Reedswood areas, get back in touch. I lost your email when my mail server suffered a disk failure!

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