The Swan

Pelsall Road, Brownhills:

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Well, BrownhillsBob will be pleased. One of Brownhills’ pubs has reopened, about 5 weeks ago. It’s a favourite of mine- nothing overly special, but a decent, honest local with friendly locals and a pleasant relief landlord (until the lease is sold). Presumably this means the pubco thinks there’s money to be made here.

It’s a nice building too- traditional Victorian boozer with the original etched glass from the original owner (William Roberts), like the Shoulder of Mutton nearby- and in both cases it’s survived intact, in Brownhills (!).

Fairly decent selection of beer, with one guest (London Pride). All it needs now is for the cobs and bar snacks to return…

4 thoughts on “The Swan”

  1. Yeah, I’ve been pleased to see it open again – I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while, but you know how it is :-/

    The Rising Sun is apparently being refitted, too – I also notice that the sale signs have come down from the Wheel Inn, so someone seems to have bought it – whether it’s Collins, or someone with pub intentions, we’ll just have to see…

    Best wishes


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