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The Fountain, Lower Forster St, Walsall
The Fountain, Lower Forster St, Walsall

The Fountain always was a nice pub, so it was sad when it closed in August 2011, due to the pubco owners pricing the landlady out. Just after that, the lovely building next door caught fire.

The good point of this is that those nice people at the Backyard Brewhouse have bought it, and it’s now been open a week.

It’s lovely. As nice as The Swan, which is nice. A traditional, backstreet pub just on the edge of the town centre with Backyard’s fine selection of beer (four or five ales when I visited, and their own lager, plus others), and friendly staff and a nice atmosphere, Just the thing after Christmas shopping. It’s been tidied up and refurbed, but not stripped out.

Since it’s not a huge pubco’s pub, the prices are very reasonable too- you’ll see respectable change from 3 quid for a pint, which is good going these days. There was music, but it was quiet enough for conversation.

No food at present, but I’m told it’s on it’s way.

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