Bullying. There’s something that’s unpleasant: I think most people have experienced it to one degree or another, some more than others. It’s usually practised by those who are weak of mind, or insecure in some way, and they usually have some people they’ll call upon to do their bidding when they can’t handle what life throws at them, or are faced with someone cleverer than them, which seems to be what happened to the all round decent chap Political Penguin after he made a blog post back in 2007. Shame really, he’s ever such a nice chap to meet.

On an unrelated matter, isn’t this a fine letter from an all-round good egg? I’ll bet a good google search would find some more fine writings.

If anyone should disagree and wish this post removed, stymaster at piglet hyphen net dot net should reach me.

2 Responses to “Bullying”

  1. hapdaniel Says:

    Thank you for your most edifying post.
    It is a pity that eggs are cracked and possibly scrambled.
    On an unrelated matter, I have been working my way through The Chambers Dictionary (11th edition). I am now on page 1043, where we have entries, amongst others for “no”, “Nobel prize” and “nobility”. I am currently on “nob” which has 2 entries:
    1.the head(inf); the jack of the suit turned up by the dealer in cribbage…
    2. a person of wealth or esp. high social rank…
    All fascinating stuff I’m sure you will agree.
    Anyway, if you will excuse me, I must carry on with my reading. “No bed” for me yet.

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