Town and Country

We’ve had a day off today, and went out for a walk: after a bus to Cannock, we walked back via a lane or two and Norton Canes, the Cannock Extension Canal, and a footpath over the fields from Pelsall.

It’s about time for a non-whinging post, so here goes.

As Bob has commented, you can find some lovely countryside so close to home, here in the West Midlands conurbation, especially on the canals. Excuse the slightly duff cameraphone photos.

Today we walked around 8 miles, and by far the majority was in country lanes, woodland, or canal towpath, in the sunshine, just when, like the Bumpkin, I was feeling summer had gone.

The Cannock Extension makes a nice walk- sadly it now terminates at the A5, after it was abandoned further up.


Cannock Extension Canal, 2/9/2010

Canal Basin

Grove Colliery Basin, 2/9/2010

One Response to “Town and Country”

  1. Countrie Bumkin Says:

    It is a good walk – I cycled it a few years ago and it was tough going on account of the towpath’s being grass. And the weather has just been perfect for a good walk.