Spin Cycle

I have to say that Walsall MBC have really excelled once more: they now have gone from the tack of “we’re all in it together” to “we’re cutting services to improve them”.

The announcement was made that six libraries in the borough are to close (though they’re not saying which ones), and within a few minutes Walsall MBC tell us what wonderful news this is, pausing only to say how that

We need a library service that is fit for the 21st century and not to carry on with one that we have inherited.

then continuing that

This is not about buildings. It’s about the service. We want an improved service and I’m giving a pledge that this review will see an improved library service that is ready to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Remind me again how long the current lot have been in charge?

Honestly, this is suspending reality in a grand way.

Hmm. Improving service by drastically cutting it? Does this sound familiar?

This is the equivalent of someone mugging you, taking your phone, jewellery, and wallet, and telling you that it’s helping.

[edit] I originally had a much more graphic, sordid metaphor, but I thought better of it.

9 Responses to “Spin Cycle”

  1. martin Says:

    clearly, less is more
    why doesn’t that work with councillors’ allowances and chief exec’s pay?

  2. hapdaniel Says:

    I like martin’s idea of “less is more”. Sounds like a homeopathic cure to our ills. On that basis we should just need one councillor. So here’s to Mike Bird – our council.

  3. stymaster Says:

    I, for one, welcome our new overlord master.

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  5. Andrew Says:

    Hapdaniel. Please don’t jest. In Somerset they have just cut the cabinet to five and executive meetings are quorate when two are present. So, we have decisions made by two people only.

  6. Countrie Bumkin Says:

    Hardly call that democracy.

  7. Sean Skipton Says:

    “This is not about buildings” – I guess this is not about books either, or about readers (or even about libraries). “Less is more” could be the motto of the current coalition. But I don’t think they’ve embraced Zen.

  8. stymaster Says:


    Indeed. I’m afraid I’ve had to edit your comment (removing the URL) as I don’t do commercial links, sorry, but your comment itself is valid: thanks for your contribution.

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