Stolen Bike

My bike has been stolen, from the Barns Lane area of Rushall this morning. My own stupid fault in one way- it was unlocked.

It’s a Forest Green GT Nomad Hybrid bike, similar to this one:

A bike similarish to my stolen GT Nomad. Click to enlarge.

A bike similarish to my stolen GT Nomad. Click to enlarge.

with a 19″ frame, a black back wheel (the front is the original silver-coloured one). The bash ring on the chainwheel is missing, and the brake cable outers are silver rather than the original black, so it’s fairly distictive.

Here’s a picture of an almost identicatal bike (front). Note mine has the bash ring on the chainwheel missing, silver brake cables, and a black back wheel, and this one (an unknown colleague’s) has had a replacement saddle, which mine needed…

An almost doppelganger.

An almost doppelganger.

7 Responses to “Stolen Bike”

  1. Nicked bike alert! | BrownhillsBob's Brownhills Blog Says:

    […] news reaches me from local blogger The Stymaster: he’s had his ride purloined. It really is a low thing, nicking a person’s bike. […]

  2. George Roper Says:

    What time was it stolen so I can check the CCTV in Pelsall Lane

  3. stymaster Says:

    Between 08:40 & 09:15 from the far end of Barns Lane- cheers.

  4. Willenhall Lad Says:

    Do you know the serial number perchance? I’ll post it on my Facebook etc.

  5. stymaster Says:

    I don’t, I’m afraid, but the bike is fairly distinctive: I’ve only seen 1 other (which I’ll try to get a photo of if it’s at work tomorrow).

  6. BrownhillsBob Says:

    The big mystery is why anyone would nick a snot green bike. I thought you’d be safe with that.

    I hope you get it back.

    Best wishes

  7. stymaster Says:

    It’s *Forest* green 😛 . I doubt I’ll see it again, but you never know.