Taphouse 9: The Windsor Castle Inn

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Taphouse 9. Sadler’s Ales. The Brewery (with it’s own bar) is very nearby, but this clearly states itself to be the tap house.

The Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle

Still not a bad place, but suffered a bit from “modern food pub” makeover like one of the big chains, rather than one of 4 Sadlers outlets. Staff very pleasant though.

Ambience 7.25
Beer choice/quality 9
Architecture 6.75
Cobs/Pies/Snacks 2.75
Toilets 8.25

Which means an overall score of 6.8, which seems a little unfairly low to me, but rules is rules.


One Response to “Taphouse 9: The Windsor Castle Inn”

  1. Willenhall Lad Says:

    I didn’t like the beer much at all and had to suffer a hoppy one. But rules is rules.

    The more we sat there the more the score went down. QED if we’d have stayed until 11 it would have scored 0.