Ahoy hoy

It’s not been a good week phone-wise: I managed to lose my Wileyfox Swift last Saturday, so bought a replacement- a Swift 2, which arrived on Tuesday. With it still shiny and new, I went out for a bike ride, and a slightly ill-advised overtake of a jogger resulted in the front wheel getting hung up on the ridges of the path, a slide down the bank, and an unscheduled swim; the first time I’ve gone into the cut in about 35 years of riding.

The canal isn’t as cold as you’d expect, but the ride of about 3 miles home dripping is still quite grim, as was my smell pre-shower. I have no idea if every bearing on the bike is now washed free of lubricant…

The bag of rice failed to resurrect the phone, so back to the old Galaxy S2 it was, and a double claim to the phone insurance. The phones are quite cheap, but doing 2 in in a few days stings a bit.

I’d not been totally happy with the Swift 2: it was dual-SIM like the original, but using a Micro-SD blocked one SIM slot, so I decided to go for a Lenovo Moto G5 Plus, which takes 2 SIMs and a Micro SD, and has a removeable battery, and, like the Wileyfox phones, keeps the bloatware to a minimum, staying quite close to stock Android; The big-name phones, for me, have too much added on, and I’m not going to void the warranty on a brand-new phone to remove it.

2 Responses to “Ahoy hoy”

  1. species5618 Says:

    i have just gone to a Samsung S7, after my note 4 (which i got from CEX anyway) had a CPU over heat, and Samsung wrote it off. not impressed, NOTE TO SELF, keep better care of receipts.

    I miss the S pen 🙁

    the S7 is IP68 apparenlty, but i have not tested it,
    But i do have a surfers type gadaget bag when i do on holiday,

    i did look at the Wileyfox and Onephones, (pixel was just silly expensive)
    but just opted for another samsung, mainly as i could just restore my config and most things just worked.

    on a different note, i should get back into cycling, i am only 2.7 miles home to office …

  2. stymaster Says:

    2.7 Miles? I’d be cycling that for sure. My commute is sadly almost 10 times that 🙁