Safety Camera?

Oh how love the so-called safety cameras. Yes, they are really fucking safe.

Today featured a drive to Bury St Edmunds. loosely following this route (but not exactly).
The A14 is a dual carriageway, and has a nasty reputation for crashes, so some of it in Cambridgeshire has a goodly selection of cameras. On the face of it this seems like it might be a good idea, but here’s what happens on the A14:

Stretches without cameras: Traffic flows at 70-80 mph, trucks in nearside at 60. There are large gaps.

Stretches with cameras: Idiots brake to 15mph below speed limit. Both lanes bunch together at 55mph, with small gaps. Drivers stare at speedometer.

Now as the A14 is a big, wide dual carriageway with no houses and few junctions, and a clear view most of the time, which seems safer?

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