Baby Wolf

Last week’s car searching had a happy result. We now have a VW Lupo to add to our 2-strong fleet. It’s a 16V Sport, so it’s reasonably quick, it’s erm….bright, and it has cartoon cats and meeces on the seats. How cool is that?

This means that the ‘not ours’ Polo goes back tomorrow, so it’s been ‘drive it like a hire car’ this week……

4 Responses to “Baby Wolf”

  1. Stymistress Says:

    Its lovely and bright its sunflower yellow. (its fab!)

  2. George Roper Says:

    “Its lovely and bright its sunflower yellow”

    The fully galvanised body with 12 year protection warranty didn’t sway your opinion then?

    Good job you had an expert at hand to consider the important things 😉

  3. Stymistress Says:

    The important factor was already decided it was a VW!

  4. stymaster Says:

    Not very much else gets a look in around here……