Power Down

I’ve been looking at reducing energy bills, given the ongoing price hikes, and the first step has been to look at replacing the old piece of shit boiler we have. That’s soon to be underway (£££!), and another thing that seems like a good idea is to reduce the PC power consumption, as I have 2 ‘servers’ and a firewall PC running pretty much all the time. I’ve thought about either an old laptop, if I can find one, or splashing out on a Mini-ITX PC for one server or the firewall. Trouble is, the firewall would need 4 ethernet ports, plus Mini-ITX=£££ compared to old, throwout PCs. Anyone know a very cheap source of Mini-ITX, or of multi-port ethernet cards?

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  1. George Roper Says:

    I’ve just completed the changover from CRT to TFT. Must have saved about a kilowatt altogether. At one point there were seven 19″ CRTs on most of the time, now they are a thing of the past 🙂
    The only drawback is we have to have the heating turned up a bit now.

    As for laptops on constantly, two of mine suffer with overheated CPUs due to heatsink/grills clogging up. They aren’t so easy to keep supplied with clean air as a case PC. If I could stick a K&N filter on the side of mine I’d do it in a flash.

  2. stymaster Says:

    Seven 19″ monitors? Are you running mission control?

    I only have 1 crt, a laptop, and a zaurus PDA. Everything else either shares the CRT or is headless.

    You could try some filter media from someone like RS Components, but you wouldn’t want it to get blocked. It’s standard fit over fans on some comms gear, where part of scheduled maintenance is to remove and wash it.

    Do I take it you’re using laptops as some type of server then?

  3. George Roper Says:

    Mission control 🙂
    No, just nearly as many terminals as monitors. For some reason the two kids still at home have taken to computers in a big way. And, I have just discovered the joys of two monitors on a system. I really don’t know how I managed without 😉 (and I still run out of space).
    The laptop is on when I’m awake and goes to bed at the same time. Not a server, it just deals with emails and has news.bbc.co.uk on all the time.

    Just noticed, sorry, that should have been seven 17″.

  4. Species5618 Says:

    I have just carried out a dangerous yet scientific experiment , http://blog.species5618.net/?p=41,
    and put the payback time on buying a new ITX box at 35 years……

  5. Willenhall Lad Says:

    I’ve thought about this and I think you might like to investigate buying soem portable solar panels and run your kit off these: http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=Portable+Solar+panels&hl=en&lr=&sa=N&tab=ff&sa=X&oi=froogle&ct=title

    As you can see, they are only tens of pounds, not thousands as they once were. Stick em somewhere in the sun with a backup UPS and you’re away. You should get you’re investiment back in a year. Let me know what you think, but I’m definetly going to try it at the next house.