Mirror Image (the other side of the mirror….)

As the very nice LeeW has got a linux VM host somewhere over the pond, The blog will be moving.

Well, actually it has, along with the static html site, but you can’t see it yet unless you do some pissing about with your hosts file and break DNS. I’ve got some new space in a proper datacentre with FTP, shell, MySQL/PHP/Apache. Best of all, I no longer have some of my web presence delivered by IIS.

Everyone prepare to update your links when I say. The new blog site will be at www.piglet-net.net/pigblog/, though it might also have a virtual server alias.

Now to repost this on the other server 😉

Now done. Managed to confuse myself by setting the admin variables on the one site to the other site. This is the one no-one can see yet…….

DNS has changed so this is the live blog now. I’ll be dismantling the pages from the old one and putting in a redirect.

2 Responses to “Mirror Image (the other side of the mirror….)”

  1. Countrie Bumpkin Says:

    Changed my blog entry link okay and it werks. Why do yoe change the hosting from yer bedroom to the US? Was the noise of the server too much?

  2. stymaster Says:

    Because the price was right….. a couple of quid more than the old IIS virtual server gets me space on a virtual linux box with Apache/PHP/MySQL, shell access, FTP.

    Over time piglet.no-ip.org will be retired…..