Czech Mate

Well, the Audi is gone and I now have a Skoda Fabia VRS, and it’s faster, and handles better. Hopefully ecomomy should be at least as good. I would have gone for a good razz about, but seem to have caught a foul cold, so I’ve spent much of today dozing and feeling unwell. Did manage to surprise a few people on the A5 coming back though….

3 Responses to “Czech Mate”

  1. MarkyB Says:

    Well at least you’re brave enough to stand up to all the laughter

  2. stymaster Says:

    Blimey, you’re quick off the mark…..

  3. stymaster Says:

    I have to say the BMW-driving tailgating tosspot wasn’t laughing yesterday, a s left in a soot-cloud of lonelyness 1/4 mile behind 🙂