Woo and Yay

The DVD Writer has been exchanged for a new one, and is now happily burning a dual-layer disc, and I have a shiny new Cisco router to play with. I have a feeling it will take a while to get it to successfully replace the IPCop Linux PC-based firewall, 3com access point, and hub, but it should be possible. It’s just a case of learning how. It will take up less space, and use a little less energy- one diskless device replacing three, one of which is a desktop PC crammed with ethernet cards- and The Bumpkin will have to bow before my l33t h4x0r IOS sk1llz now he doesn’t have a Cat5000 in the loft any more.

5 Responses to “Woo and Yay”

  1. countree bumpkin Says:

    Long live Linksys! I still have the Cat5000 in the bedroom – just in case the Girlfriend wants to ‘turn it on’!

    Anyway,I have 45 Cisco 2851’s to update so I’ll be sick of Cisco by the end of Easter……

  2. stymaster Says:

    switchport mode trunk
    wr mem, baby

  3. Countrie Bumpkin Says:

    wr mem was discontinued officially by cisco after 12.1. You are supposed to use copy run start! Got told off by Chaz for using wri mem.

    However, using wri mem in regard of the girlfriend could mean you copy over the infamous “femine huff” so you get that back when it starts up again…

  4. Countrie Bumpkin Says:

    You’ll have to fix the html as I was in a rush and mistyped it 😉

  5. stymaster Says:

    Duly fixed. I don’t give a rats ass if it’s been deprecated by Cisco, sorry. It’s quicker for a start, and it’s deeply ingrained in my head, just like *nix ps -ef. RedHat used to whinge at you and say it was deprecated and to use ps -aux instead. Pah. They’ll have us using a GUI next.