The Great Phone & Moron Swindle

I see there’s more fuss about the phone-in competition scandal.


Apparently this has left some people very upset:

To find out that I wasn’t [in with a chance] makes me really angry and I want my money back.

Sweet zombie Jebus. Are there *really* people that thick in the world?

Oh yes. There are. And they watch Watchdog, and have trouble differentiating between soap opera and real life.

One person has

spent near on £1,000, but you think, ‘Well I’m in with a chance’

A thousand fucking pounds? Lots of people buy cars for less than that. That would buy you a very nice holiday, for example. That’s more than plenty of people earn in a MONTH- anyone on minimun wage, for example.

Tell you what. you give me £1000, and I’ll give you some magic beans that stand about as much chance of growing into the sky so you can rob treasure beyond your wildest fuckwitted dreams from a giant. Fuckwit.

*Is speechless with disbelief, but recovers*

Evil Overlord No.12: Compulsory institutionalisation for people that thick. For their own protection, and so I don’t have to listen to them whine.

*shakes head*

*Realises why the Bumpkin has to whinge about the state of this country, even if he _does_ read the Daily Express.*

*Realises that reading the Daily Express probably makes you like that*

4 Responses to “The Great Phone & Moron Swindle”

  1. Hoipoloi Says:

    Ripped from News of the Weird:

    Super-charismatic Stacy Finley, 34, pleaded guilty in January in Shreveport, La., to defrauding 22 middle-class victims by somehow convincing them to pay a total of $989,000 to have medical scans done of their bodies by overhead satellite and to be administered secret therapeutic drugs while they slept, by CIA agents who would sneak into their homes. [KTBS-TV (Shreveport), 1-19-07]

    Can we please have idiots made identifiable with the use of tattoos or some such method so that the rest of us are able to prey on them more easily. I feel I’m missing out on the hunt here.

  2. stymaster Says:

    You’ve introduced me to more internet tat…

    I actually think that the phone numbers used to ring these lines should be captured, then we could send the armed police straight round.

  3. Countrie Bumpkin Says:

    It’s alarming isn’t it – were Brits always this thick? It’s like my builder of a next door neighbour – he has to think for his labourers. Don’t park the car in front of the neighbours house. Don’t put your steps by the side of the van. Don’t phone 0900 numbers. Wash your hands.

    Too much from over the pond methinks and the worrying thing is government isn’t much better….

    We need someone who can take a pride in this country.

  4. stymaster Says:

    Too much from over the pond methinks

    Nail. Head. Hit.