Rushall Carnival, c. 1973/4

More old cine footage. Though I live in Walsall Wood, I grew up in Rushall. This clip shows just how big a deal Rushall Carnival was in the 70s, and that it took in more of Rushall too: the floats are heading into the industrial estate in Westgate, right on the fringes of Rushall. Look at the crowds lining the streets…

There’s a lot of effort gone into the floats, and a fair few of them. In those days, it rivaled Pelsall’s carnival.

I notice that the aforementioned lorry from Reg Edwards’ coal yard appears briefly at around 2:15- they provided it every year.

6 Responses to “Rushall Carnival, c. 1973/4”

  1. Countrie Bumkin Says:

    What kind of gun were the Sea Scouts hauling?

  2. stymaster Says:

    Not a clue.

  3. Fez Says:

    Great clip and a big suprise to see myself and family in the crowd. Thanks for posting it.

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  5. john webster Says:

    oh the memories come flooding back..i lived just off station road in rushall. so i was a harden or rushall kid.i remember growing up with the carnivals. pelsall,rushall,bloxwich. beer tents open all day. hot summers days.. i moved to brownhills 21 years ago.used to walk the dog in chasewater as it is in your video.. great times.. keep them coming.. regards..

  6. stymaster Says:

    Thanks to all for the positive comments and Bob for the link. It’s a pleasure doing this when you get some feedback.