High Energy

[typed in Greece, on Zaurus- very low power consumption :-)]

As i have been disconnected from the tech world for a week- no GPRS or 802.11- and if there had been GPRS, cost and an unscheduled dip in the pool for my k700i put paid to that, i got thinking.

About energy use.

I’m probably an offender for excess there, but it’s bugging me how we are all being told to not use ‘standby’ on our tv, as it wastes enough energy to heat Birmingham for 3 millenia or so (poetic licence in use).


How about:

1) Patio fucking heaters
2) Open fridges in supermarkets, or air-con with the windows open (using energy to move heat about that then promptly turns the corner to go back where it came from)
3) Millions of sub 1 mile car journeys pumping unburnt hydrocarbons, using more fuel (and no, the catalyst doesn’t work then)
4) Shops heated to well past 20 degrees C in winter with the damned doors open.

Thats just for starters. Now, i know my own energy use isn’t that good: I travel to work by car (but not usually alone), I run a couple of computers almost all the time, and the loft needs lagging, and i have some satanistic tungsten bulbs in the house.
But go on….tell me how significant the one single fucking watt my TV uses (and it doesn’t even have a ‘hard’ power switch) is significant compared to the many kilowatts wasted (and most of it by large businesses).

Anyone else care to offer some utter wastes of energy that make using an energy-saving bulb or unplugging your tv sound pointlessly small?

3 Responses to “High Energy”

  1. Countrie Bumpkin Says:

    The point is though that all these small saving will aggregate up and on a household level, will save you money.

    I’ve put as many energy saving bulbs in my house as I can, have had the house re-lagged and cavity wall insulated and I’m now saving up to get the double- glazng fixed with K-Glass

    Also, I want to put up some wind turbines and solar panels to power the TV and computers, thus I’ll only paying for the cooker and light usage. Its all do-able stuff, but in my case, as you know, it might be the only way to power the house as I have so many power outages. Even te water stops working when that happens hence I have to keep 100 litres in store to flush the toilet.

    Ah! Countree life!

  2. stymaster Says:

    I take your point:

    The point is though that all these small saving will aggregate up and on a household level, will save you money.

    and on the money level it’s worthwhile, but I just think it’s pathetic to whine on about TV standby and a very few watts ‘wrecking the planet’ when megawatts are utterly wasted for the most idiotic reasons. It’s all a case of significance.
    For the record, I’m going to do the enerygy saving bulbs thing jsut as soon as I can face Ikea to buy some with stupid foreign ES bases rather than British BC.

  3. Countrie Bumpkin Says:

    I’ve got some spares which might do the trick if you want to save yourself a trip. IKEA is the place though as B & Q charge a fortune. I know this sounds daft, but Lidl or Aldi may have some – being German. Might be worth a look-see (oops- Yankee Slang there).