Had Better Weeks

Well, hasn’t it just been a joyfilled week?

In addition to all the usual nonesense, our Tuesday evening was nicely spoiled by a young turd verbally abusing us and then not having the common decency to go and throw his Stella-fuelled body under a truck, thereby cleansing the gene pool, saving the DHSS a few quid, and lifting the average intelligence of WS9 a few points.

Wednesday evening was even better: the commute home was even more foul than usual, and featured a nice man rear-ending the Fabia, then not stopping to exchange details then a trip to A&E for us both (whiplash).

Thursday? A long and fruitless attempt to report this formally to West Mids Police. I won’t bore you with the details. Filling in claim forms.

Friday? Reporting to the police instead of being in the pub (though we got there eventually).

Today? A trip to the bodyshop. It’s a long way, but 2 years ago, they did a fantastic job on the Audi, and they have Skoda approval too. It’s not a cheap business: replacing the bumper is going to be over 700 quid, plus vat. Fortunately, this unwelcome rear-end attention (fnarr!) doesn’t seem to have damaged anything but the bumper skin and beam. I’m now back to the usual state of not owning a car someone hasn’t seen fit to drive into.

So far, I’ve spent upwards of 5 hours of my very valuable time, about 70 miles, and about 5 quid because some dozy fucker couldn’t stop in time, and also seemingly is the sort of pathetic shit who doesn’t have the decency to take responsibility for it. I only hope the soon-to-come visit from a copper might make him see the error of his ways.

And people wonder why I think optimism is a mental illness. I know much worse things happen. I really do. but don’t think that will stop me whinging πŸ™‚

8 Responses to “Had Better Weeks”

  1. Hoipoloi Says:

    My commiserations regarding the Skoda. We are considering spending a large sum (for us) on a new vehicle (which SWMBO will drive 11/12 of the year) and my only concern is that it WILL get damaged by someone or something beyond our control and we will then sadly join your ‘not at all’ exclusive club.
    I find the recent advert of a bloke parking his car at the far end of a car park, only to have a (impossible I know) satellite fall on it, extremely ironic. That’s me that is. The car parking AND the Sod’s Law.

    However, to redress the balance somewhat I should tell you of a recent incident I witnessed while waiting to cross the Rushall lights on my cycle. A car darted into Station Road only to lose it and broadside a mini-bus waiting to exit the afore mentioned road. The car had crossed a red light as Station Road had just changed to green and the mini-bus was prepariong to move. Anyway, while the bus driver was still dazed, the car driver reversed and then sped off toward Coalpool.
    Not before I had his number though πŸ™‚ the little shite. He had a visit later that evening. “He’s coming in on Saturday to be arrested” the officer informed me later.

    I’m not religious but I reckon things happen to people that deserve it. It catches up with them eventually.

  2. stymaster Says:

    “That’s me that is.”

    Yep,and me.

    “It catches up with them eventually.”

    Oh yes. I’ve had a very clear indicator of that just recently, that I won’t go into here. If we meet face to face sometime, then I’ll elaborate.

    [bugger. Blockquote doesn’t work in the comment box:-(]

  3. Countrie Bumpkin Says:

    Bad news about the Fabia.

    Good job you got the number of the car. I saw a little shite smash into a car in Stourbridge once and didn’t have the presence to a) block his exit route and b) take the number.

    You need a big dark green Mondeo mate! Mine is fully equipped with a Klingon Cloaking systems so anybody in a BMW can’t see it!It didn’t cost me any extra either!So far in its five years in my possession, its been savaged by a quarry truck and reversed into by a bloke in a Citroen people carrier. Only the other day in Bromsgrove, an old lady (grey haired and wrinkly) was giving me the V-sign for running the traffic lights on green! Obviously I had made a mistake by de-cloaking too late before approaching the junction!

  4. stymaster Says:

    It’s not that the BMW driver didn’t see you- it’s *their* road.

  5. MarkyB Says:

    rear ended and damage to the Skoda Labia….must be some comment there.
    Just think about the Personal Injury Compensation mmmmm sweeeeeet. Just what the Doctor and 15 Lawyers (liers) ordered. Every cloud has a silver lining or some shoite like that πŸ™‚

  6. stymaster Says:

    I don’t know how much that is likely to be (assuming WMP ever drop in on him), but I’d much rather have an undamaged car, no stiff neck, no fucking about to the nick & the bodyshop, and be without the hassle. Oh, and the really fucking long questionaire to fill it too.

  7. MarkyB Says:

    OK so every silver lining is shit then.
    Just trying to help mr-glass-is-half-empty

  8. stymaster Says:


    I think the only reason the glass isn’t completely empty is someone has “refilled” it in the toilets.