A Fight and Some Beer

Yesterday, I’d arranged to meet the Willenhall Lad for a beer, as the rather fine Pretty Bricks had a beer festival one. First, however, was the task of programming the fancy catflap. This should be a simple task. Remove catflap from door to prevent unwanted escapes, set into program mode, and wave near cat. The whole process took around a minute with Meowth. This was, of course, misleading. Meowth was famously laid back and compliant, not usually traits associated with cats.

Our new children were not feeling cooperative. Three quarters of an hour, two stressed parents, two very, very stressed cats, a severe loss of temper on my part, and some nasty injuries later:

A bruised and bitten arm: just a subset of injuries suffered in a man-vs-cat fight.

A bruised and bitten arm: just a subset of injuries suffered in a man-vs-cat fight.

We manage it. The cats have now been hiding under the bed for 24 hours. They’re quite big.powerful cats, but nervy as hell, and have a strong fight-or-flight instinct.

Still, the beer and curry was nice :-). As well as the Bricks, we managed The Fountain, The Victoria, and The Bell, all of which were great.

Tripping running for a bus on the way home, and landing flat out in slush and grit was less so, then washing my wallet along with my coat and jeans irritated a little…

3 Responses to “A Fight and Some Beer”

  1. Willenhall Lad Says:

    A great day out – shame you fell over – wasn’t the 8 pints we had then? I went for one more in The Min after a soggy walk back from darkest Mossley.

    I was reflecting on our comments about new and “tatty” pubs with Karen, who went into The Victoria later – it is very tatty. The Bell is my favourite pub but The Pretty Bricks is very cosy on a snowy day – and we always go there on a snowy day….

  2. stymaster Says:

    Nah. Was waiting for 89, bit it was 50 min wait. 301 came round corner, ran, tripped. Didn’t feel drunk, and no hangover- it was a good amount of beer, but a long time.span.

  3. Willenhall Lad Says:

    Your black & white cat is very similar to my Mum’s old Jim.