Slide into the Past

Inspired by BrowhillsBob’s post on Chasewater, as I said I would, I asked my Mom to have a look for some photos that I’m pretty sure exist of the miniature railway (with yours truly riding on it). She had a good look through the prints she could reach, and found nothing, I had a further look, and unearthed a few late 70s/early 80s prints- so too late.

This means…..slides. Hundreds of them, taken by my late father through the 60s and 70s (and then, when he rediscovered photography as a hobby into the 80s and mid 90s too). Some in magazines for a modernish (as in 10-12 years old) projector, some loose (arrgh), and some in magazines for a very old projector- in fact, one only a year or two younger than me, that stunningly still works, generating an insane amount of heat, and all scary inside for the unwary: big, old-school electro-mechanics with servos, microswitches, and some big dropper resistors; the manual includes warnings about not touching live wires while changing the bulb, and those live wires are accessible without the use of tools. This would never pass today’s safety standards, and it produces some scary smells, and jams a couple of times, but it works. Maybe not built to modern standards, but it’s pretty robust.

My first foray into the slides produced some fascinating pictures of family looking young, my Mom’s house in the 60s, when it was only a few years old, pictures of me as a baby and toddler, what I reckon is Pelsall Common and a good few of departed relatives, but not the elusive pictures of Chasewater. I’ll continue the search, but scarily, the images I think I remember might be on Super 8 movie film, as Dad had a movie camera too. Anyone fancy my chances getting the over 30 year old projector running? I’m sticking with slides for now.

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  2. Countrie Bumkin Says:

    I’ve a Super 8 projector that I would like to repair – the belt is broken and I’ve been advised to seek a replacement via the vacuum bloke on Cannock indoor market as these could be spliced to fit. You’d be welcome to come over and bring the film if we can get it going.

  3. Countrie Bumkin Says:

    BTW, I’ve got a slide scanner if you want to digitise the slides.

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